If you have any questions regarding permits and/or applicable fees, please contact the Zoning Officer, Terri Dugan at 610-932-8150 (Option #3) or e-mail at lotzoning@zoominternet.net

  Residential Permit Applications:
Please note that the Building Inspector has 15 days to complete any Residential Plan Review.
If the plan submittal has a stamped-engineered plan, then the Building Inspector has 5 days to complete the review.
These timeframes EXCLUDE Holidays and Weekends as part of the date calculation for the review process.

  Custom Built Accessory Building - NTE 1K sq ftCustom Built Accessory Building - Over 1K sq ft
Accessory Building Modular - NTE 1K sq ftAccessory Building Modular - Over 1K sq ft
New House ConstructionAddition to Single Family Residence
  Minor Renovations/Alterations to ResidenceMajor Renovations/Alterations to Residence
  Mobile Home PlacementMobile Home Tie Down Guide
Single Event PermitWindows, Doors, Electrical Upgrade, HVAC Install
Solar Panel InstallDemolition Permit
Above Ground PoolIn-Ground Pool
  Agricultural Building ConstructionDeck
Zoning PermitDriveway


  Commercial Permits:
Please note that 3 stamped/engineered plans are required for ANY Commercial application submittal.
The Building Inspector has 30 days to complete ANY Commercial Plan Review.

These timeframes EXCLUDE any Holidays and Weekends as part of the date calculation for the review process.

  New Commercial BuildingCommercial Fit-Out
  Remodel Commercial BuildingAddition to Commercial Building
  Telecommunication Tower ModificationsSign Permit
Commercial Single Event PermitCommercial Demolition Permit

The time to call the Department of Code Compliance is before you start a project to avoid problems and delays. By submitting the proper information, the permit can be issued in a timely manner. Tell us what you plan to do, and we will explain the code requirements and assist you until the project is completed in accordance with the codes. Permit submittal guides are available to help you better understand the process.

A building permit is a license to begin construction of a building project or to install equipment regulated by the code. Permits and inspections are necessary to verify that Township building and fire code standards are met. If not, the public's health, safety and welfare could be at risk. The Township has adopted the 2009 International Residential Code in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code as its standard for residential construction and equipment installations.


If you hire a professional contractor to do the work, select a qualified builder who is familiar with Township building codes and procedures. This could save you time, money and eliminate potential problems. The codes apply whether a professional or a do-it-yourselfer does the job. 
New buildings, additions, remodeling, decks, outbuildings such as sheds and garages, and swimming pools, and demolition of existing structures usually require building permits and inspections. 

After contacting the Codes Department, you must complete an application and submit the plans and information in order to obtain a building permit.  The Code Official can also provide information that will help your project be a success and avoid potential problems, which could cost you time and money.
  The permit application will require basic information about the project, such as who will perform the work, what work will be done and how the work will be done. The application also will ask you to submit sketches, plans or other documentation for review. If the construction plans do not comply with the Building Code, Zoning and other related Ordinances, a code official can help you adjust your plan to meet the requirements for a permit.

To receive a permit you will have to pay a permit fee. The fee helps defray the cost of the Township's resources spent on the application, review and inspection process. The fee also gives you access to the Department's knowledge and experience when you have questions about the construction project.

Post the building permit at the construction site so it is visible from the street. Work must be performed in accordance with the approved plans and the 2006 International Residential Code.  Any proposed changes to the original approved plans need to be brought to the attention of the Building Inspector.  Some changes will require review and approval of revised plans.  Additional plan review fees may apply.

Once the work begins, the Building Inspector will inspect each phase of construction;  i.e., footings, foundation, framing and final inspection. It is the responsibility of the permit applicant to schedule inspections.  Normally, you want to give the Building Inspector at least 24 hours notice for an inspection.  If the Building Inspector finds that some work does not meet code, our inspector will tell you what needs to be done to bring the work up to acceptable compliance standards. 

Permit becomes invalid if work is not commenced within 180 days of issuance or work is suspended or abandoned for more than 180 days after work begins.  Permit holder may request an extension to begin construction.  Approval must be in writing.

When the work is done and the Building Inspector approves the final project, you will receive a Certificate of Use and Occupancy. This Certificate formally marks completion of the project with the knowledge that it meets Building Code and Zoning Requirement standards.

NOTE:  Additional Fees for permits issued after the Zoning Officer’s issuance of a violation notice for commencement of work without a required permit will be $50.00 or 50% of permit fee, whichever is greater.  In no event, however, shall the additional fee for any one permit exceed $150.00.  (Resolution 12-1998).


Frequently Asked Questions:  

What do I need a permit for...

Fences - A zoning permit is NOT required for residential fencing.  However, the following is a guideline:

The fence should NOT be placed directly on the property line
If you are residing on 4 acres or more, maintain 3 feet of space away from property lines.

If the fence is being placed at a road intersection, you MUST check with the Zoning Officer (610-932-8150 ext. 3) before doing so.

If fence is being placed along the front yard (parallel to road) you must maintain sufficient right of way distance.  Please contact the Zoning Officer at 610-932-8150 ext. 3 to obtain correct distance.

Pools - A permit is required for an above ground and an in-ground pool.  Please see Swimming Pool Application for details and specs.  It is important to contact the Codes Enforcement Officer when considering placing an in-ground pool so that proper placement can be determined before construction begins.  The pool may not be placed in any replacement septic areas, easements, etc.

When Is A Residential Building Permit Required?

Building permits are required for new homes, additions, alterations, basement remodeling, sunrooms, swimming pools, spas/hot tubs, decks, porches with roofs, and custom-built accessory buildings any size. 

A zoning permit is required for any modular or mobile accessory building of any size (this includes carports and concrete patios).  Always check with the Zoning Department before starting any project to determine if a building permit is required.

It's never too early to start the planning process for new building projects. Maybe this will be the year for that new deck, swimming pool, hot tub, spa, basement alteration, or sunroom addition!

Proper planning and complete permit applications with accurate plans can help eliminate unnecessary delays and costs and we may be able to issue your building permit much quicker.  Permit applications are processed and reviewed in the order they are received. Don't forget the permit process includes compliance with both the Township Zoning Ordinance and the 2009 International Residential Code as part of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.  Permit submittal guides are available with each application.  If you have any questions, please contact the Zoning Officer at 610-932-8150 ext. 14.